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nRetail – HQSoft’s new Retail Platform

What is nRetail?

nRetail is a New Retail Platform, this is a model with a modern combination of traditional and online retail (O2O) to create an extremely effective and convenient ecosystem for suppliers, stores and consumers to participate in the experience, and interact online with each other.

Digital transformation is essential for retail businesses of all scales. It helps businesses improve and enhance operational efficiency, customer experience, and especially the competitiveness capability in the market.

Nikki Baird, Vice President of Retail Innovation at Aptos gave a revolutionary definition of Retail Digital Transformation in Forbes magazine: “Digital transformation in retail is the shift from a product-focused business model from supply-chain base to a customer-focused model, following a data-driven digital value chain model”.

With a modern model, it will focus on connecting customers through online shopping channels, creating a friendly environment, thereby retaining customer’s loyalty

Here are the following trends that retail businesses need to focus on:

  • Switch from in-store shopping to online shopping via the Internet.
  • Reduce cash spending, then enhance electronic payment with various forms instead such as payment through bank cards, transfers, e-wallets, etc.
  • Increase social network usage, visit websites and e-commerce platforms, join in various kinds of promotions and cheap selling activities, etc.

Digital transformation is essential for the retail industry. So how can enterprises apply digital transformation to their own business? Read more here.

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