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What is a Distribution Management System, and how you can benefit from it?

DMS or Distribution Management System is a platform that distributors and manufacturers use to manage their entire business all in one place. Just like how CRM works, DMS has the ability to provide you automatic reports by the data collected from sales and more, unlike manually doing your inventory and sales report through office tools, DMS can track all of those and store it in one software.

But how exactly can DMS be beneficial to distributors? Here’s how.

Real-Time Reliable Data

With our DMS’s comprehensive capabilities, the solution will provide enterprises with a complete data set about the market, points of sale, inventory, sales, promotional data, POSM, and more. With fast and reliable data, you can make smarter decisions and execute more effective sales strategies immediately.

Accurate Reports

Our system enables you to allocate sales targets to each salesperson and point of sale for each product line and SKU. This will allow you to pursue different strategic directions and measure the effectiveness of each of them. eSales Cloud DMS supports different kinds of promotion programs, from simple to complicated ones. With this, you can measure and control your budgets, as well as the implementation of the promotion program in every order and at every point of sale.


Companies often have a difficult time transitioning from “sell-in” to “sell-out” promotion strategies because they fail to effectively manage their complicated promotional programs. Additionally, the budget varies depending on the region, and gathering claims at the end of each program can be a pain. With eSales DMS, this can be done in a fast and easy way.

DMS Ecosystem

To meet the demands of the increasingly sophisticated, multi-channel consumer market, ESalesCloud DMS is designed with ESales EcoSys framework that prepares enterprises for the multi-channel sales and distribution ecosystem. Using eSales EcoSys framework, eSales Cloud DMS solution will be able to accommodate all distribution channels. With this solution, all related objects will be integrated into a single system, providing a solution that aggregates data to all sales channels.


Instead of manually doing your reports of how your business is doing, the eSales DMS can do the work for you. Just log in to the app and look into the dashboard and see how your business is going.

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