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An Essential List of Work From Home Tools

Thinking from the bright side, working from home is one of the very few good things that the pandemic has brought to us. Instead of driving or commuting all the way from your home to the office, you just wake up in the morning, then log in on the spot while you are taking your breakfast.

If you’re working from home for the first time, here’s a list and tips of essentials of a Work From Home set up.

A dedicated workspace.

Your workspace at home should consist of the following: a table, a comfortable chair, and a window. Yup, a window. What for? Because working from home will consist of a lot of video call meetings. And the daylight will give you good lighting that will result in looking good in your video calls.

A computer

And of course, a computer. It’s a must-have. Because it is difficult to use office tools using a tablet or a mobile device, it will only give you a limited amount of things you can do for work.

A good internet connection

You’d at least 5 mbps of internet speed in able to use office tools that requires to be online and be able send and receive emails on time. Remember, email deliveries are critically needed to be on time!

Office tools, such as GSuite and Microsoft Office

As much as you need internet, these office tools are going to be your best pals. Examples are Microsoft Office Tools 365 or GSuite. Of course you’ve heard of Microsoft Office Tools as it has been famously used worldwide for years, and in case you haven’t heard of GSuite, it is Google’s office tools available to use through Google Browser, no need to install softwares on your computer.

Video conferencing and chat apps

A must-have for team meetings. Most people use Skype, Google Meet, or Zoom. They are all free to use. As a personal recommendation, Zoom is the best platform to use for online meetings. It has everything you need for an online meeting and is very user friendly.

And of course, you need an endpoint antivirus software, like Kaspersky, to protect your files from malware attacks.

An endpoint security is not just an ordinary antivirus. It’s an upgraded version of antivirus to protect your workfiles from malware attacks or being exposed to hackers. Specially to those whose business process include payment information. Organizations should provide this software to employees to protect their own business.

And that’s it for our Essential List for working from home brought to you by Mobius NEXT. We are an authorized reseller of Microsoft and Kaspersky licenses. Need procurements for these products? Contact us through this form and we’ll get in touch with you shortly.

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