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Things you can do on a HubSpot Free Tier Account

Most subscriptions offer free trials where you can use their platform to, of course, try it out before you purchase, and until a certain period of time (most of them offers 30 days). But for HubSpot, you can use their Free Tier, as long as you want it. And what’s good about it is that the free tier offers not just one, but a various set of tools you can use for your business.

Here are HubSpot Free Tier’s avaiable features:


Contact management – Basically your phonebook for all your customers where you can store all information related to them. Very important CRM tool, and you get it absolutely free with HubSpot!
Contact website activity – See what a certain contact does on your website, track whenever they visit your pages and which certain links they visited.
Companies – Works exactly like Contacts management, but for companies.
Deals – This is where you can track your deals and their stages. You can even customize the deal stages according to your business process.
Tasks – List your To-Dos and HubSpot will notify you when they are due, so you won’t forget. You can also track
Activities – Track and manage your customers’ activity, even the times when they open your emails!


Forms – Make a standalone form or a pop-up one to integrate into your pages, to collect customer information.
Email marketing – I actually can’t believe this specific HubSpot tool is free. You can create marketing emails using their templates and customize them accordingly to your needs. It’s free but always felt like premium. Kudos to HubSpot for making this possible!
Ad management – Integrate your ads and manage them in HubSpot!
Landing pages – Make landing pages where you can input brief information about your company and include modules to it like the forms and call-to-action buttons.
Conversations inbox – HubSpot offers a free chatbot for your landing page, you can manage all chats from there here. You can also integrate your Facebook account and manage all chats from there to your HubSpot account, too.

HubSpot Academy

Get FREE courses with certificates not only about CRM, but they also have free courses to basically everything you need to know when you’re running a business. You can learn more about HubSpot Academy in this blog.

We have used HubSpot in Mobius NEXT when we were starting out as a consultancy company, and we have been doing great ever since. Personally, I really love HubSpot as it totally helped me improve my skills in our industry. If you’re only starting your business, HubSpot free tier is perfect for you. You won’t need to spend any penny to set up your business, and only pay when you’re ready to upgrade.

Ready to use HubSpot? You may contact us here and I’ll help you get started!

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