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HubSpot and its powerful Social Media tools

Back then, Social Media’s purpose was mainly for personal use and entertainment, however, that changed now and it has been powerful than ever. If you’re starting a business, you should know that building a social media impact on the world would definitely benefit your business. You can hire an influencer with thousands of followers to give feedback about your product and services, then baam, their followers would use your product or avail your services as well.

That is why HubSpot’s Marketing Hub focuses on how you can attract people to your business with the use of social media. Here are the best features of Marketing Hub for your social media needs.


Publish blogs relevant to your business with Marketing Hub. You can create your very own blog site or integrate your current blog site from WordPress to Hubspot. You can edit, customize and configure your blog site in HubSpot’s software. You can add call-to-action buttons, forms, and even a chatbot on your blog page! Best part? You can integrate your blog pages into your Social Media accounts. For every blog you create, HubSpot will immediately ask you if you want to share them on your social media pages.

Landing Page

The difference between a blog site and a landing page is that you post your articles to your blog site and your highlight your business to your landing page to attract people to approach your business. HubSpot makes it easier for you to create your very own website for your business. You can use your landing pages to promote your social media pages to your visitors, so they can easily reach out to you when they need it.

Social Media Integration

You can integrate not only your Facebook to HubSpot, but also your Twitter, Instagram, and even Youtube Channel. Directly from the HubSpot platform, you can create contents and have the option to share them to all your social media pages/account and even schedule them to post later. That’s not even the best thing yet, HubSpot has analytics for your social media posts. You’ll know which post or platform gets the most likes, you can even see the comments, and even the dates or times when your post gets viewed or reacted! If you’re a social media manager, imagine how easy would it make your work!

These features are available in HubSpot Marketing Hub. Some features like the Messenger integration is available in HubSpot Free tier. The blogs and most of the social features are available in HubSpot Professional tier.

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